Toby Edward Rosenthal (1848-1917)

“California claims today the greatest American artist Toby Rosenthal. In the collection his work is unique. His picture of the immuring of ‘Constance de Beverly’ is a true work of art, full of the finest feeling, great depth and beauty. The work shows thought even in the smallest details. The subject is taken from Scott’s ‘Marmion’ and shows the moment when Constance de Beverly, the nun who escaped to serve as Marmion’s page, is doomed to be immured alive in the prepared niche in the stone wall. The blind old abbot, destitute of human feeling, heartlessly condemns the beautiful young Constance to death. On the stony face of the abbess there is almost an expression of delight in being able to agree to this’ terrible punishment. The principal figure, Constance de Beverly, is a personification of beauty and loveliness.” Evening Bulletin (January 17, 1884)

Read Toby Edward Rosenthal biography in California Art Project, volume 3.

At a glance

Birth : March 15, 1848, in New Haven, Connecticut  (United States)
Death : December 23, 1917, in Munich (Germany)
Arrival in San Francisco Bay area : 1855
Married to : Sophia Ansbacher
Skills : Painter


Art education, teachers : Royal Academy (Munich, Germany), Karl Raupp  (Munich, Germany), Carl von Piloty  (Munich, Germany), Fortunato Arriola
Relations : Robert C. Johnson, Tibercio Parrott, Irving Scott

Resources in the Bancroft Library


Toby Edward Rosenthal letter to his parents : Munich, Germany : ALS, 1869 June 9. Catalog record

Pictorial archives

Grabhorn collection of nineteenth century western photographic views [graphic]. Catalog Record
Our grandmother’s dance [graphic]. Catalog Record
Pictorial material from the Charles Warren Stoddard collection of papers [graphic]. A drawing entitled “Pray for me”. Catalog Record
[View of a Chinese room] BANC PIC 1969.016–A. Catalog record
Yosemite views [graphic] BANC PIC 1949.003–PIC; BANC PIC 1949.003–PIC. Catalog record


Kramer, William M. & Stern, Norton B. (1978). San Francisco’s artist, Toby E. Rosenthal. Northridge, Calif., Santa Susana Press. Catalog Record
Rosenthal, Toby Edward (1884). Toby Rosenthal Exhibition, San Francisco, 1884. San Francisco, CA : E. Bosqui & Co. Catalog Record

Data Visualization : mapping of the artist biography

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