Theodore Wores (1859-1939)

“From the start I learned to paint not only the elusive atmosphere and mood of the moment, the misty dawn, the glow of sunset, the changing lights and shadows of scudding cloud – to paint rapidly with keen eye and sure hand. To that end as a youth I worked for years, seeking the facility of the old masters, whether painting a human being or a sea of blossoms. At
first I even made my own pigments, to attain certain permanent colors. My ambition was to complete a painting – not a mere preliminary sketch – at one sitting. Sometimes this is possible  and we get something authentic and vividly alive, not niggled or overloaded with repainting”

Read Theodore Wores biography in California Art Project, volume 10.

At a glance

Birth :  August 1, 1859. San Francisco, California (United States)
Death : September 11, 1939. San Francisco, California (United States)
Arrival in San Francisco Bay area : native
Married to : Caroline Bauer in 1911
Skills : Painter


Art education, teachers : San Francisco School of Design, Royal Bavarian Academy, Frank Duveneck
Relations : Emil Carlsen, Amedee Joullin, John La Farge, Charles Rollo Peters, Ida Evelyn Russell, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jules Tavernier, Virgil Williams
Institutions, clubs, venues : Bohemian Club

Resources in the Bancroft Library


“Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson : oral history transcript : over one hundred years of service to San Francisco in medicine, music and art / 1998.” Regional Oral History Office. Catalog Record


Wores, Theodore (1873). Theodore Wores, 1858-1939; A Retrospective Exhibition at Kennedy Galleries, inc., May 4 through June 1, 1973. New York:  Kennedy Galleries. Catalog Record
Wores, Theodore (1980). A Retrospective Exhibition. Huntsville, Ala. (700 Monroe Street, S.W.; 35801): Huntsville Museum of Art. Catalog Record
Wores, Theodore (1986). The Art of Theodore Wores. Tokyo: Cultural Project Department I, The Asahi Shimbun. Catalog Record

Data Visualization : mapping of Theodore Wores’s biography

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