Keith’s exhibitions and gifts


Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, San Francisco, 1915

Chicago World’s Fair, 1893

San Francisco, 1894, Mid-Winter International Exposition

San Francisco Art Association, winter 1895

Mark Hopkins Institute Review of Art

San Francisco Art Association, 1898-1899, Winter Exhibition

Mark Hopkins Institute of Art, 1900

Mark Hopkins Institute of Art, House gallery. 1903 march 20 – April 16th.  Spring exhibition.

San Francisco Art Association, 1903. Spring Exhibition

San Francisco Art Association, 1904. 49th Spring Exhibition

The Sketch Club, February 22- November 7, 1907

The Sketch Club, February 3-17, 1908

The Sketch Club, November 27-Dec ember 11, 1909

The Sketch Club, November 3-19, 1910

The Sketch Club, March 23- April 6, 1912

De Young Museum, San Francisco, 1915

De Young Museum, San Francisco, 1916

Palace of Fine Arts, December 22, 1916

Hotel Del Monto, Art Gallery, Monterey, California, 1907

Crocker Art Gallery, 1928, Sacramento

St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California, Keith Gallery Commemoration, September 20, 1931

California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, May 29-November 11, 1935

Gifts :

To St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California

Mrs. Keith : Five Lumiere transparencies in color of paintings and monotone prints. Lead pencil drawings of Dunnottar Castle.  Wash drawing.

Dr. William S. Porter, Oakland, California: Sentinel Peak (1880); Fog Descending Sun-burned Hills

Mr. Albert Bender, San Francisco: Sun Breaking through Clouds After Storm

Rev. Joseph McAuliffe, San Francisco: Bridal Veil Falls

Dr. George McChesney, San Francisco: Red Mountain, Head Waters of Owens River (Subject identified by a letter in John Muir’s handwriting)

Mr., and Mrs. T. Hanna: Cypress point (a large Keith, 5′ x 4′)

Noel Sullivan, San Francisco: Outlook from the woods

Mrs. A. Livingston Gump: Keith’s last brushes and palette with colors spread as Keith left them

A rare photograph (taken by Mr. Keith, with a time camera) , appears in “The Wasp” (San Francisco) of April 22, 1911. The group includes, William Keith, John Muir, Charles Keeler, John Burroughs, and Editor Brown of “The Dial”; all noted Californians.

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