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Sketch Club


Established in 1887, the “Sketch Club” began as an independent group of women artists who met to share and critique one another’s work.

“Back in tho sophisticated 90’s when lady artists had hourglass figures, pompadours and quantities of raw courage, an intrepid group of women formed the ‘Sketch Club’.(…) Those were the days when artists regarded their females as ‘daubers’ and made no secret of their beliefs. Nevertheless the Sketch Club demonstrated its prowess so unmistakably that by 1916 the manly San Francisco Art Association, the City’s leading art organization since its fish market days in 1870, asked the sketchors to Join their forces.”

Anna Sommer. San Francisco News, June 20, 1935

The group changed its name in 1946 to San Francisco Women Artists (SFWA).


California Art Institute or Mark Hopkins Institute of Fine Arts

School of Design of the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art


California Society of Etchers

founded in 1913 (co founder Gertrude Patinghton Albright

Club Beaux-Arts

Cooperative gallery founded by 31 artists of San Francisco (Rowena Abdy,…)



Others Californian art venues

San Francisco

Valdespino Gallery

Del Monte

Del Monte Art Gallery


The Robert Louis Stevenson House

New York

Delphic Galleries (New York)

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