George Booth POST (1906-1997)

“One of the most proficient water colorists of the Bay Region, and one who really paints in that medium, in the ‘pure’ sense of the term, is George Post. A one man show of Post’s most recent water colors which now occupied one of the small west galleries at the San Francisco Museum of Art, indicates that the work of this young San Francisco artist is taking, a new trend. During the last couple of years, Post has seemed inclined to over emphasize the importance of architectural structure, and to depict it too literally. The result was that while his paintings were expertly executed, they tended toward being dry and hard, and a bit too prosaic. In the works in his current show, all of which have been done within the last year, Post has swing clear of the limitation of tight architectural representation and in a broader form of expression than he has hitherto achieved, is finding his way toward a new freedom.” Junius Craven

Read George Booth Post biography in California Art Project, volume 20, part 1.

At a glance

Birth : September 29, 1906, in Oakland, California
Death : March 26, 1997, in San Francisco, California (United States)
Arrival in San Francisco Bay area : Native
Skills : Watercolor painter


Art education, teachers : California School of Fine Arts (CSFA) with Ray Boynton, Constance Macky, Spencer Macky, Otis Oldfield, Gottardo Piazzoni
Institutions, clubs, venues : San Francisco Art Center, San Francisco Art Association, Art Center, San Francisco California Water Color Society

Resources in the Bancroft Library


“George Post (1906-1997) A California Watercolorist (1984). George Post. Interviewed by Ruth Teiser in 1983”. Regional Oral History Office. The Bancroft Library. Online
Post, George. Watercolor simplified 1977 (lecture). Catalog record
“Fiber Arts Oral History Series. The Weaver’s Weaver: Explorations in Multiple Layers and Three-Dimensional Fiber Art. Kay Sekimachi. Interviewed by Harriet Nathan in 1996”. Online

Data Visualization : mapping of the George Post biography

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