Ernest Clifford Peixotto (1869-1940)

Thors- Portraits. Portrait of Ernest C. Peixotto (Gift of General Ernest D. Peixotto). Courtesy of The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

Thors- Portraits. Portrait of Ernest C. Peixotto (Gift of General Ernest D. Peixotto). Courtesy of The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

“If you met Ernest Peixotto on the street, as you looked at his spare, short figure, his gentle, magnetic and sympathetic eyes, you would turn and look again and says : “Surely an artist of some kind” not the wild, hair-brained order of Bohemians; not of the far off, gazing into the infinite kind, not the unkempt, long-haired fellow, not the bitter poverty stricken, hate-everybody sort of a chap. A face wonderfully expressive, thoughtful far more than intelligent, a luminous artistic face in fact. (…) Not only in Venice, not only in the French Villages, in every subject, there is a familiarity with places, people, and scenery. There is a feeling as one stands and looks at the canvas that there is no guess work. That rarest of all efforts, atmosphere, that carries one, he does not know how, to the spot of the picture, is everywhere. There is something intangible, but absolutely felt in these canvases, something subtle, the ideal that lies behind and saturates all scenes. The very hardness of some of the buildings strikes one as unmistakably true. One does not have to be told that Peixotto has traveled where he has painted, it is in evidence. People who have been where he has worked hardly need a plate on the picture, so faithfully does he seem to catch the atmosphere, the characteristics, the peculiarities, the color of his subjects.” Peter Robertson Out-West Magazine (1903, Vol. 19, page 133)

Read Ernest Clifford Peixotto‘s biography in California Art Project, volume 9. CARA_V09_PEIXOTTO

At a glance

Birth : October 15, 1869 in San Francisco, California(United States)
Death : December 6, 1940, in New York, New York (United States)
Arrival in San Francisco Bay area : Native
Married to : Mary G. Hutchinson
Occupations : Illustrator, painter, muralist


Art education, teachers : California School of Fine Art with Emil Carlsen, Académie Julien (Paris, France) with Jules Lefevbre and Benjamin Constant
Partners (as  illustrator) : Franck Norris,  Samuel Jacques Brun, Henry Cabot Lodge, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mary Waddington
Relations : Samuel Jacques Brun, Arthur Covey, Franck Norris, Guy Rose, Edith Wharton
Patrons : William B. Bourn, John C. Cravens, Phoebe Hearts, Henry A. Everett, Charles Platt, Farris Russel, Timothy Spelman
Institutions, clubs, venues : Bohemian Club, Century Club (New York), McDowell Club (New York), Coffee House (New York), The Players Club (New York), The Salmagundi Club (New York), National Society of Mural Painters (New York), Society of illustrators (New York),  Allied Artists of America (New York), Architectural League (New York), Interallied American Club (Paris, France), The American Club(Paris, France), Societe des Artistes Francais (Paris, France)

Resources in the Bancroft Library

Fletcher, Robert Howe. Ten Drawings in Chinatown by Ernest C. Peixotto with certain observations by Robert Howe Fletcher. Online


Ernest and Mary Peixotto papers, 1838-1956, bulk 1890-1940 (scrapbooks) BANC MSS C-H 98  Catalog Record

Pictorial archives

Ernest C. Peixotto drawings of a California mission building, Roman ruins, and a group of buildings in England [graphic]. BANC PIC 2011.068–AX; BANC PIC 2011.068–PIC; BANC PIC 2011.068. Catalog Record
Ernest Clifford Peixotto pictorial collection [graphic] (ca. 1890-ca. 1920?) BANC PIC 1980.029–B. Catalog Record
Ernest Clifford Peixotto pictorial collection [graphic] : additions. BANC PIC 1990.026. Catalog Record
Ernest and Mary Peixotto pictorial collection [graphic] (ca. 1900-ca. 1960?). BANC PIC 2003.079. Catalog Record
Peixotto, Eustace M. (Eustace Maduro) Photographs of the Columbia Park Boys’ Club [graphic] BANC PIC 1959.083–ALB v.1; BANC PIC 1959.083–ALB v.2; BANC PIC 1959.083–ALB
Silhouette portraits from the Gelett Burgess papers [graphic] BANC PIC 1954.010–A


Peixotto, Ernest (1919). The American Front. New York, C:  Scribner’s Sons. Catalog Record
Peixotto, Ernest (1999). A Revolutionary Pilgrimage [electronic resource]: Being an Account of a Series of Visits to Battlegrounds & Other Places Made Memorable by the War of the Revolution. Bowie, Md. : Heritage Books. Catalog Record
Peixotto, Ernest (1913). Pacific Shores from Panama. New York: C. Scribner’s sons. Catalog Record
Peixotto, Ernest (1917). Romantic California. New York: Scribner. Catalog Record

Data Vizualisation : mapping of Ernest Peixotto’s biography

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