Constance Jenkins MACKY (1883-1961)

‘With her open mind, she believes in the right of each artist to express himself in his own way. She maintains that the test of a work of art isn’t “to what school does it belong?” but “is it a good example of that school?” She sensitively appreciates the labors of the conservative school as well as the experiments of the extremely modern.

She states that “When an artist ceases to develop he is on the decline,” and she feels that “there are realms of art entirely undiscovered and it is unwise to limit the explorers in their seeking.” A basic part of her credo is: “The great principles of art and love are eternal. It is only the current expression that changes.”

Read Constance Jenkins Macky biography in California Art Project, volume 15.

At a glance

Birth : June 29, 1883. Melbourne, Australia
Death : November 17, 1961. San Francisco, California
Arrival in San Francisco Bay area : 1912
Married to Spencer Macky
Skills : Painter and teacher at the “Artists building” (co-founder)


Art education, influence : National Gallery School of Painting (Melbourne, Australia), Académie Julien (Paris, France)
Partners : Eric Spencer Macky
Patrons : William Victor Caglieri, Robert Cross, Mrs. John Cuddy, Mrs. Ida Depan, Mr. Donald Elder, Mrs. Herrell, David Livingston, Victor Macky, Mrs. Walter Pallet, Mrs. Frederick Roth, Mrs. Roy Rowe, Dr. Amy Stevens, Mrs. W. B. Weston
Relations : Sigmund Beel, Albert M. Bender,  Anne Brener, William Claussen, Clark Hobart, George Kyde, Leo Lentelli, Florence Lundberg, Louise Mahoney
Clubs : California Society of  Women Artist, San Francisco Art Association,

Resources in the Bancroft Library


Macky, Eric S. (1957). Reminiscences of Eric Spencer and Constance Macky : oral history transcript. Tape recorded interview conducted in 1954. Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library. Catalog record – Online

Representative work

Macky, Constance. Spanish Dancer (undated) In California art research. [Monographs] First series. San Francisco, Calif., 1936-1937. Vol. 15.  F870.A9 .C3. Bancroft Library

Macky, Constance. Spanish Dancer (undated). In California art research. [Monographs] First series. San Francisco, Calif., 1936-1937 and in California art research. Microfiche edition. La Jolla, Calif. : L. McGilvery, 1987. Vol. 15. Bancroft Library

Data Visualization : mapping of Constance Macky’s biography

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