Learn more about William Keith

Archives of the Bancroft Library

Keith-McHenry-Pond family pictorial collection [graphic]  Catalog recordOnline
William Keith sketchbook [graphic] Catalog record
Portraits of Californians [graphic] Catalog record


Cornelius (1942). Keith, Old Master of California. New York: Putnam. Catalog recordOnline
Exhibition of Paintings by the Late William Keith (1913). The Art Institute of Chicago. April 22 to May 6, 1913. Online
Keith, William and Hearst Art Gallery (1994). William Keith: The Saint Mary’s College Collection. 2nd printing with supplement. Moraga, Calif: Hearst Art Gallery, Saint Mary’s College of California. Catalog record – Online preview
Moure, Nancy Dustin Wall (1998). California Art: 450 Years of Painting & Other Media. Los Angeles: Dustin Publications. Catalog recordBook review online
Neuhaus, Eugen (1938). William Keith, the Man and the Artist. Berkeley, Calif: University of California press. Catalog record
Pattison, James William. William Keith: Poetical Painter. Fine Arts Journal , Vol. 28, No. 6 (Jun., 1913) , pp. 366-378. Doi : 10.2307/25587183. Online

Also refers to the general bibliography

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