Charles Henry GRANT (1866-1939)

Grant, Charles. US BattleShips on the OpenSea (1925).

Grant, Charles. US BattleShips on the OpenSea (1925). In California art research. [Monographs] First series. San Francisco, Calif., 1936-1937 and in California art research. Microfiche edition. La Jolla, Calif. : L. McGilvery, 1987. Vol. 10.

“Charles Henry Grant paints water and sky with equal facility, although it is only in recent years that he has developed his marvelous skill in cloud delineation, In his later canvases, the sea looks so wet and briny, and the clouds so shifting and fleecy and full of sun tints that it seems as if a bit of real water and sky had somehow found its way into his pictures.

“The Marine painter must concentrate his energies upon acquiring, this intimate knowledge of his subjects. He must Know the water in its varying moods; he must have either a practical or a theoretical knowledge of how to sail boats, and Mr. Grant has both; he must have photographed on his memory the outline and the transparency of the breaking wave; the diamond sparkle Ox the spray as it dashes through the sunlight that plays upon t-he boat. One might think that the sea afforded little scope for versatility to the painter, but Mr. Grant sees in it a thousand different possibilities, and no two of his studies are alike. He knows and he loves the sea; he churns with it, exchanges confidences with it, until it has become a very part of him.” Esther Laurentine Mugan,  California’s Magazine (1916)

Read Charles Grant biography in California Art Project, volume 5.

At a glance

Birth :  February 6, 1866. Oswego, New York
Death : January 21, 1939, in San Francisco, California (United States)
Arrival in San Francisco Bay area : 1912
Skills : Marine painter and sailor


Art education, teachers : Seymour J. Guy, M.F. H. de Haas of the National Academy of Design of New York, Works of Elwell
Patrons : Sir Thomas Lipton, Commodore R. A. C. Smith, Ex-Governor Horace White, Vice Admiral Frederick Field of the Royal Navy, (gift of Chamber of Commerce), Vice Admiral Hyakutake
Institutions, clubs, venues : San Francisco Art Association, Sequoia Club and Bohemian Club


1904 Syracuse Art Club, Syracuse
1906 Rochester Art Club, Rochester
1907 Academy of Design, New York City
1910 Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, D. C
1916 Sequoia Club, 1916, San Francisco, California
1915 San Francisco Exposition

Ressources in the Bancroft Library

Pictorial Archives

[Atlantic Fleet, entering the Golden Gate, May 6, 1908] 1 painting : oil. BANC PIC 19xx.463–FR. Catalog Record


James D. Phelan Papers 1855-1941 – Correspondance – Catalog Record
Loomis, (C. Grant) Papers 1927-1962 – Correspondance –  Finding Aid
Blake Family Papers 1881-1962  – Correspondance – Catalog Record
Noël Sullivan papers [ca. 1911-1956]   – Correspondance – Finding Aid

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