Jacques Schnier (1898-1988)

“The sculptor, Jacques Schnier, is a San Francisco artist whose work is of outstanding interest. He has developed so rapidly that he already gives promise of taking his place among the outstanding sculptors of the Pacific Coast. From wood, which has been his principal medium during this past year, Schnier seems to invoke a kind of invisible poetry, rhythm unerringly concordant with its color, grain and surface. A notable characteristic of his carvings, particularly those in the round, is their effect of size. They nearly always seem greater than they are. The design could remain unaltered, whether the work were ten inches or ten feet high. ‘The Stream’, is one of the finest works that Schnier has produced.”

Read Jacques Schnier biography in California Art Project, vol 20 part 1.CARA_V20_P1_SCHNIER

At a glance

Birth : December 25, 1898. Constanza (Romania)
Death : 1988. Walnut Creek, California (United States)
Arrival in San Francisco Bay area : 1926
Skills : Sculptor and teacher at the School of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley.


Art education, teachers : California School of Fine Arts, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley
Institutions, clubs, venues : Beaux Arts Gallery, Women’ s City Club, Braxton Gallery (Hollywood), Courvoisier Gallery,

Resources in the Bancroft Library


Schnier, Jacques. “Jacques Schnier (1898-1988. A Sculptor’s Odyssey” (1987). Interview conducted by Suzanne B. Riess. The Bancroft Library, Regional Oral History Office, 1986. Online


Schnier, Jacques (1940). Changing Concepts in the Writing of Art History. Catalog Record
Schnier, Jacques (1948). Sculpture in Modern America. Berkeley: Univ. of California Press. Catalog Record
Schnier, Jacques (1971). Transparencies and reflections : [exhibition held at Judah L. Magnes Memorial Museum, Berkeley, California, September 25-October 30, 1971]. Catalog Record
Schnier, Jacques (1998). Art Deco and beyond: 60 years of Sculpture. Oakland, Calif. : Mills College Art Museum. Catalog Record

Representative Work

Schnier, Jacques. Ladies Head (undated). In California art research. [Monographs] First series. San Francisco, Calif., 1936-1937 and in California art research. Microfiche edition. La Jolla, Calif. : L. McGilvery, 1987. Vol. 20, part 1.

Data Visualization : mapping of Jaques Schnier biography

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